I was elected to the Kaipātiki Local Board for the 2016-2019 term. Raised on Hinemoa Street and still residing in Birkenhead, I know my community well and am proud to represent at the grassroots level of local government.

Outside of the local board, I work for the Starship Foundation as Trusts and Philanthropy Executive.

What I stand for

I stood in the 2016 local body election on a platform of environmentalism, concerned that plans for new development often overlook environmental impacts. Among Kaipatiki's green credentials are large areas of continuous urban native bush and streams harbouring aquatic life and I work hard to advocate for their protection.

I'm for greater community engagement so that Auckland Council makes better decisions that take local knowledge into account; empowering residents to shape their neighbourhoods, good walking and cycling connections, and vibrant and diverse town centres.